Sunday, December 27, 2015

what should i do?

they ask how was my day
i'm said that i am okay but
do you think i am okay without you
the live without is so hard
now i just move on

what should i do ?
even now i can't replace you
do you know much i miss you
and now i just alone

they said forget you
but still linger me
i still think about you
is it ok without you?
i don't think i can do it
find another love like you even if i die

what should i do?
even whole people tries to
but still i can't replace you
i live a day with painfully
if you know how pain it
how hope you knew

they ask me how was my day
i said i'm better now
you have gone from earth
just me alone waiting for you
who know that you will not comeback

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