Monday, December 28, 2015

i still can't

till now your presence still linger here
everybody knows about it 
everybody try to stop your presence
but why you still here in my heart?

till now i live alone just doing well
my life just going non stop
but my love had been stop by you
how do i going through without you?

till now they still ask me how i've been?
they still questioning how was my life?
i just said i'm better now i'm okay
okay without you around or okay just pretend it to be?

i don't have answer for it!

till now i'm still searching for my heart where have you placed?
because your love has been stuck cannot get out
than i know it deep inside where it comfort to be there
but it hurt every minute i think about you

till now it can't be replaced can't be take out
how long i'll waiting for you just like a crazy person?
how long that my heart can accept it!
i still cannot answer this question!

i don't have answer for it!

till now they tried to make me forget you?
but i just pretend it i have 
the funny is the more i tried the more it hurts
you just peace at there but still hurts me everywhere

can you feel that?

till now i tried to!!! 
but still my eyes will full of waters in the end the water fall out!
i did not fell sad or solitude but just my eyes full of water
in the end i just been through with it!

can you answer for me?
can you give me explanation?
can you?
would you?

but just a waste 
you can't , you wouldn't 
why cause you not here!!!
you not here beside me!

how can you know!!!
my heart belongs to you
you take it away!
when i can get it back!

but they all said 

that just i am still in your memory that i can't get it out!
 you already give my heart just i'm didn't take it

i still can't answer it! 

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